For most of the human race, events are something to look forward to. There is always that sense of joy when one thinks of the staff year end function that marks the end of the working year. Or when an expectant mother is having a baby shower to mark the coming of her bundle of joy. It is with a celebratory feeling that people go to a shopping mall to go and buy a new gear for a wedding and that makes the events all the more exciting.

This phenomenon happens worldwide. For example when the royal couple Harry and Meghan got married, as noted in the article provided by BBC News, Royal wedding the days leading up to that particular event were nothing short of ecstatic. The world watched with anticipation for the day to come when Meghan would walk down the aisle to her beloved groom to be. The hype was all about who would dress her and what the rings would look like and who would be in the bridal part and so on and so on. Thus, it is safe to say that almost everyone in the world; whether it was through the news broadcasting agents or through their favorite entertainment channel, all caught a glimpse of the festivities that were happening in England at the time.

This then all speaks to the fact that an event in most cases brings people together. It does not matter what type of event it is, the commonalities stay the same in that whether social or not, people tend to feel the sense of community in that particular event. And events such as weddings could not better demonstrate this notion.

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