Hosting, attending or moderating a gathering (event, conference, meeting etc) requires you to delicately balance the needs of individuals in the group. One set of people that is often overlooked is that of tobacco users. Often, a venue will strictly prohibit smoking.

The result might be some grumpy or inattentive attendees. To avoid this, Velo nicotine pouches form the perfect alternative for tobacco users. You can improve the mood (and results) of your event simply by taking care of tobacco users with these pouches. They are available in a variety of flavours. These include Freeze Max, X-Strong, Tropical Breeze, Mint, Slim, Royal Violet and Ruby Berry.

Pouches allow nicotine users to get their kick without causing disturbance to other people as would be the case with cigarettes. They are also a healthier option for the user. Used pouches are easy and safe to dispose of. They do not pose the risk of fire to the environment.

If you are looking to host a successful event, do not forget to have nicotine pouches on your list of necessities. You can order them online from the HayApp store. Velo is a collection of Lyft products that is popular in the UK. If the latter is your preference, then you get it just right with Velo!

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