The first reason to hold a meeting is to provide information

The second reason to hold a meeting is to create a mechanism for decision making

Feedback. When planning to do a meeting, it should always be done with a goal in mind. There should be a common purpose as to why you have called one or more people together to gather at one particular place and time. Thus as noted by HR Bartenderinformation decisions and feedback there are 3 key reasons to have a meeting. Those reasons would be to provide information to the participants of that meeting. Next it would be to discuss and plan strategies to execute the plan that was formulated through gathering the information presented. And lastly it will be to present feedback on how the execution of the previously mentioned strategic plans were rolled out.

It does not matter what the agenda of the meetings are, the reason behind it will always follow the above mentioned aspects in order to gain insight on one particular topic. These guidelines if taken into consideration can be a progressive way of getting to the end goal.

Hence, the reasons for the meeting should be predetermined through those mentioned aspects in order to stick to the objective.

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