Being a smoker has a number of disadvantages, not least the detrimental impact it has on a person’s health and those around them. It is also a big problem as smoking in public places, and workplaces has been illegal since 2007 in the UK. This presents a challenge for smokers who need to attend events, conferences and meetings as part of their job responsibilities. velo could be the answer for smokers as it can be used anytime and in any place.

Velo is an easy to use nicotine pouch that is placed between the gum and lip. It slowly releases nicotine to help smokers control their urge for using cigarettes. It is a preferred alternative to e-cigarettes as it is more discreet. Velo does not cause saliva to be produced, and therefore there is no spitting. It is readily available in the UK in stores or online.

Velo is suitable for all smokers to help them reduce the harmful effects of smoke inhalation or as an aid to kicking the habit for good. Velo comes in a variety of flavours and strengths to suit all smokers and is tobacco leaf-free. They include a range of fruity flavours and different intensities of mint flavours. You can also choose between the lower or higher strength depending on your former cigarette usage. A little experimentation may be required to find the strength that suits you.

For many people, attending events, conferences, and meetings is an integral part of their job. These may take place in the workplace or at specially arranged venues such as hotels, conference centres or resorts. The one thing they all have in common is the ‘No Smoking’ rule. This is when Velo can be your best friend helping you to satisfy your nicotine craving whilst at the same time giving you and those around you a healthier lifestyle.

The future of events, conferences and meetings will continue to be impacted by the post-COVID-19 pandemic. It has already changed the way people work and interact with each other. The advent of hybrid working includes hybrid events and meetings that can be conducted online and/or in person. There are various ways of organising these events. They may be a mixture of physical and virtual, take place synchronously or asynchronously, and will require a special kind of preparation from organisers.

Whether you attend these events, conferences or meetings in person or online, Velo can help you kick the habit of getting your nicotine via tobacco combustion. Inhaling smoke is extremely harmful to your health and is not permissible in your workplace. Do your health and those around you a favour and stop smoking with the aid of Velo.

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