When one get’s an invitation to a particular meeting it can either invoke a sense of excitement or a sense of misery. The excitement would be witnessed if the scheduled meeting has been anticipated or has a topic of high interest to the attendee. With the inverse scenario where this invitation to attend a meeting causes misery, then would be due to the fact that the attendee either finds the subject uninteresting or because the topic on the agenda is one of a sensitive nature.

Thus as the organizer, it would be highly advised that they structure the meeting in a way that entices their guests. Hence, as pointed out by an article done by the Wall Street Journal5 minute meeting one needs to come up with innovative concepts on how to structure a meeting. One way could be to introduce a 5 minute meeting whereby each sub topic is given 5 minutes to explore. Concise and to the point with no jargon is really all that you should think about.

Therefore ideas such as 5 minute meetings should be considered for the enhancement of the business and also to make things fun and engaging as nobody wants to be stuck in meetings that put them to sleep.

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