Social media is a powerful tool for marketing and promoting upcoming events, conferences and meetings. The trick is to plan well and master the strategies to amplify the message. Have a plan that will help you reach as many people within the shortest time possible.

Strategies on Using Social Media for Events Promotion

  • Have an events page on Facebook: Facebook has tools that enable event organisers to create pages highlighting the events. You can then use that page to suggest some of the things that are expected at the event, including the benefits of attending. You should also have a counter that shows how many days are left before the event.
  • Give teasers: Use different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog posts to write teasers on why people should not miss out on the event. They can highlight aspects such as guest speakers, exciting details about the event’s venue, and testimonials from participants who have attended such occasions in the past.
  • Use hashtags: Never underestimate the value of hashtags in catching the attention of the online user and creating change. Create a hashtag that speaks about the event and get it out before the main day. This will create awareness and interest. You can also tag people who you think might be interested in the event so that the message reaches even more people.
  • Create a contest: People love winning, so if you create a contest whose reward is maybe participation in the event, you are more likely to pique people’s curiosity. The competition can have rules such as sharing the event on social media platforms.

Start your social media campaigns early enough and ensure that you have defined your target audience. This will help you come up with the right messages and reach more people.

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