When it comes to attending an event the attendee should know the reason for them being there. This creates a marketing opportunity for any hosting business to get some exposure. Hence, the whole point of hosting a planned event should be to either market one’s company or to highlight an issue close to one’s heart.

For example if we look at the marketing aspect, as narrated by an article done by Maximize Social Business marketing aspect, they explain that the more eyes you get on your brand/product/company, the more profit you will make as your business is getting exposure. Awareness of what you as a business does is essential for the growth of that business.

Then, when we look at having an event for the purpose of drawing awareness to any issue, an example of that would be the Comrades Marathon that happens annually. This is an event; as published by the Comrades Marathon press release Comrades Marathon, that running for the cause of drawing awareness to a charity that you are affiliated to and donating the proceeds to that charity speaks volumes.

All of which serves to promote whatever it is that you would like to draw awareness too.

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