The old saying goes that you only get one chance at a first impression and that is particularly true when it comes to a space where an event is being held. There are many factors to think about from the lighting to the wall coverings, carpets and the furnishings. This article will explore some of the latest trends in the world of events spaces and explain how best to put together an events space that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends.

Decorating the walls

Many people expect events spaces to be bland and impersonal and for that reason, it can be well worth subverting those expectations in order to make a lasting impression. There are a number of wallpaper websites like that have a huge range of coverings available. Events managers who don’t have the budget to paper a large space should consider setting up a small booth and using very striking wallpaper to make a great impression on everyone who visits. If possible, this decorated area should be sited towards the entrance of the venue so that everyone can see it.


It is vital that any space where an event is being held is well-lit. Dark spaces do not encourage people to linger and it’s important that people are easily able to read any material that they are given. For both of these reasons and many more, it’s worth thinking about the lighting setup in your venue. If it is inadequate then bring in extra lighting to make it work for you. This can be in the form of ceiling or wall-mounted lamps if this is feasible or floor or table-mounted lamps if the venue is more limited.

Once the lighting is in place, take the time to walk around the venue and use it as your visitors or delegates would. Make sure that it is easy and comfortable to stop and have a conversation or read a leaflet. Once you’re sure that there are plenty of well-lit spaces in the venue then you can return to other elements of your venue setup.

Other things to consider

Paths around an event venue should also be a key consideration for any organiser. There should always be space for people to move around and pass each other easily. If there is an obvious ‘path’ through the event from one station to the next then make sure that there is nothing blocking the path and regularly sweep it once the event is in progress to ensure that it remains clear. Don’t forget to take account of any health and safety guidance that you may be obliged to follow when setting up and running your event and get in outside help to ensure that the event is compliant if required.

All of this advice should make it possible for anyone to put on a successful event that will leave a positive and lasting impression on everyone who attends.

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